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Table ERGO

Complex for skills refreshment of fine motor skills

The complex is designed to perform integrated exercises to refresh fine motor skills in physical and functional rehabilitation.
The complex consists of 3 tables with laminated or wooden surface, on one table from 1 to 4 trainers may be installed. The total number of trainers is 13 types.
Device description: the tabletop is mounted on a metal rack. Under the tabletop on the loading cable of the trainers for the carbines the required loads are attached. The trainers are universal for the left and right hands.

Responsive image Responsive image Responsive image

Sack 1kg – 235/165mm
Sack 0.5kg – 190/1305mm
Sack 0.3kg – 190-130mm

Indications for use of trainers:

  • Recovery after ischemic, hemorrhagic stroke.
  • Improvement of coordination of hand and finger movements.
  • Recovery of upper and lower limb function in spinal injury,
  • Restoration of function of the upper limb after trauma, burn, orthopedic surgery.
  • Tremor in the extremities, bradykinesia caused by neurological diseases such as Parkinson disease.
  • Strengthening the upper extremities of patients with multiple sclerosis.
  • In pediatric cerebral palsy, including spastic, ataxic, athetoid and mixed forms of cerebral palsy.
  • Dispersions characterized by awkward movements.
  • Benign essential tremor.


  • Restoration of function of capture.
  • Restoration of hand and finger functions due to neurological disease (stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson disease, cerebral palsy, Peripheral neuropathy, traumatic brain injury).
  • Restoration of the functions of the hand and fingers in orthopedic diseases in the postoperative period.
  • Restoration of functions of the hand and fingers in case of lack of coordination of movements.
  • Hands clenching and unclenching.
  • Training of the fingers, including the thumb.
  • Opposable thumb.
  • Stoop and stretch of all fingers together.
  • Stoop and stretch of each finger separately.
  • Isolated movements in the proximal and distal phalanges of the fingers.

Technical specifications:

Overall dimensions of 1 table (L/W/H):

760/760/770 mm

Overall dimensions of trainers:


260/220/65 mm


580/135/135 mm


225/90/200 mm


290/100/170 mm


255/110/85 mm


200/265/60 mm


330/120/165 mm


130/130/205 mm


200/100/140 mm


195/120/130 mm


335/110/255 mm


340/300/240 mm


290/35/220 mm


290/35/80 mm

The complex includes the following types of trainers:

Responsive image Т1  - exercises for flexion of the 2-5 fingers with
elastic impedance
Responsive image Т2  - exercises for cylindrical grip of the hand
Responsive image Т3  - exercise for
opposable thumb
in relation to the
II-V fingers
Responsive image Т4 - exercise on the flexion of the fingers in opposition to thumb
Responsive image Т5 - exercise for
tightening of round shape grip in 2 directions-upstairs and on yourself
Responsive image Т6  - exercise on the grip by the fingers in the position of the
Responsive image Т7  - exercise on the dorsal and palmar flexion of the wrist
Responsive image Т8 -exercise, twist with
Responsive image Т9 - exercise on extension fingers with a load
Responsive image Т10 - exercise of forearm pronation and supination
Responsive image Т11 - exercise of adduction and derivation in the sagittal plane in the wrist
Responsive image Т 12 - exercise pronation-supination of the wrist joint with elastic impedance
Responsive image Т 13 - exercise spiral movement
of the hand in a vertical or
horizontal surface