Medical holding "Sintez-KZ" produces equipment for rehabilitation
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The verticalizer makes possible an individual approach to the needs of the child and his family. The appropriate configuration of this device allows taking a vertical position with support from the back or front. The selection of the necessary support for the child gives a positive impact, necessary for further development. Changing the setting of the device and adjusting the angle of inclination, due to the use of pneumatics, makes it possible to smoothly raise the child from a lying position to a standing position. The system of side supports and belts reliably fixes the child's body, allowing to eat, play or learn while standing. The product is made of environmental, safe for patient materials.

It is recommended for children with the following diagnosis:

  • Cerebral palsy-various forms.
  • Spina bifida.
  • Brain and spinal cord injury - various etiologies.
  • Muscular diseases - various forms.
  • Genetic syndromes occurring with paresis of limbs.
  • After craniocerebral trauma, spinal cord, spinal cord and lower limbs injury.

Verticalizer dimensions in horizontal (without table):

  • length, not more than 1200 mm.
  • width, not more than 6оо mm.
  • height, not more than 1050 mm.

Verticalizer dimensions in vertical (without table):

  • length, not more than 80 mm.
  • width, not more than 6оо mm.
  • height, not more than 1390 mm.

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