Medical holding "Sintez-KZ" produces equipment for rehabilitation
If a person cannot be treated, it does not mean he cannot be helped!



   The main purpose of rehabilitation is to stimulate and improve the child's ability to move and act as naturally as possible.

A greater number of natural movements cannot be obtained if the child remains in only a few positions and is limited in movement or moves incorrectly.

The use of racks is caused by the need to help the child to change his abnormal poses and movement stereotypes so that he can comfortably adapt to the environment and improve his life skills.

Racks for crawling help to work out the correct stereotype of coordinated movement, are used to stimulate the muscles of the girdle with paralysis and spinal injuries, helps to teach the child to grabble which is a preparatory stage for independent crawling and standing up.

In the process of using the racks coordination of the upper and lower limbs are developed.

The racks for crawling are equipped with four wheels, which easily change the direction of movement.

The outer skin is easy to clean.

Racks are made in three sizes: S, M, L

For children from 1 year to 7 years old.

It is supplied with a mounting strap that attaches to the buttons.

The belt is easily fixed in the desired position.

Rack for crawling L

Rack for crawling L
Rack for crawling for child 6-9 years old

Technical specifications:

3. Rack for crawling  

Typical size  L

Length not more than 905 mm 
Width not more than  260 mm
Height without rollers  65 mm
Height with rollers 140 mm
Weight not more than 4,5 kg.

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Rack for crawling M

Rack for crawling M
Rack for crawling for child 3-6 years old

Technical specifications:

2. Rack for crawling  

Typical size  M

Length not more than 570mm
 Width not more than 275 mm
Height without rollers   115 mm
Height with rollers 185 mm
Weight not more than 4 kg.

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Rack for crawling S

Rack for crawling S
Rack for crawling for little child

Technical specifications:

1. Rack for crawling  

Typical size S

Length not more than 350 mm 
 Width not more than 270 mm
Height without rollers not more than 115 mm
Height with rollers not more than 180 mm
Weight not more than 3,8 kg.

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