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The most important practical basis for its application should be considered the ability of a person to control his muscular system arbitrarily - this is the only large system of the body, subject to arbitrary control. In combination, these two properties allow for a targeted impact on the human body within a fairly wide range.
Using COBRA, it is possible to stretch the tense muscles of the neck and waist, reduce the compression load on the joints, conduct traction of the spine.

How is the therapy in COBRA?

During therapy with elastic bands, the patient's body is suspended on tapes that provide freedom of the physiotherapist's hands so that he can better drive, correct and control the patient's movements. The use of elastic bands reduces the load, allowing patients with less effort to take a painless position and work actively. The use of elastic bands allows for the increased relaxation and creates an additional sense of safety for patients.
There are no age restrictions for use.
Not only young and adult people, women and men, but also people with disabilities can use it. It provides the ability to perform exercises that are called in Physiotherapy: passive exercises; active-passive exercises; self-supporting exercises and many others.


  • Vertebral osteochondrosis;
  • Dorsalgia;
  • Coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis 1-2 degrees;
  • Instability of the spine segments (cervical and lumbosacral segments);
  • subacromial bursitis;
  • Scoliosis, postural disorder;
  • Herniated discs with reflex-muscular syndromes;
  • polyneuropathy of different genesis, including hereditary;
  • Central and peripheral paralysis and paresis;
  • conditions after surgery on the limbs (2-3 weeks) or dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Pain in the area of large joints and spine with dysfunction.

Contra indications:
Relative contra indications:

  • Conditions after spinal surgery with the formation of ankylosis;
  • Surgical interventions on joints in the early postoperative period;
  • Acute injuries with rupture of tendons and muscles;
  • Decompensation of the cardiovascular, respiratory systems, liver and kidneys above I degree;
  • Cancer of the spine and joints.

Absolute contra indications:

  • Malignized cancer;
  • Open and closed hemorrhages;
  • Acute pre-infarction or pre-stroke conditions;
  • Fracture of tubular bones (up to the moment of fusion).

“Cobra” - a device thanks to which you can form a system of muscles and influence them. All muscles can be developed both individually and in a group.
“Cobra” is a universal device for training with elastic support, in a suspended position, helps to increase strength, endurance and muscle mass.


· Orthopedics and traumatology
· Rheumatology;
· Neurology
· Cardiology;
· Diabetology;
· Pediatrics
· Endocrinology;
· Sports medicine.

During therapy with COBRA, the whole range of activity is used — from exercises that facilitate the state, to exercises to increase muscle strength. This is one of the most effective methods of physiotherapy to strengthen the deep muscles that stabilize the spine and body, and strengthen muscle strength.

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