Medical holding "Sintez-KZ" produces equipment for rehabilitation
If a person cannot be treated, it does not mean he cannot be helped!




In modern exercise therapy stairs for rehabilitation are used, applied both in hospitals and at home to create all kinds of conditions and situations that may arise in the external environment.
Modular stairs “STEP” is designed for gait training. It is designed for patients who are able to move and wheelchair users.

Rehabilitation stairs can be used in the following areas:

  • rehabilitation
  • physiotherapy
  • osteopathy
  • neuralgia
  • orthopedics.

The construction consists of a base platform of three types, two different stairs, with high or low steps and a ramp - to create a suitable configuration depending on the location of the simulator, the room, as well as specific treatment and rehabilitation programs. The configuration selection can be changed or combined at a later stage of using the simulator. On both sides of the stairs there are handrails, which are regulated depending on the growth of the patient.
The stairs can be adjusted both in angular and linear construction.


L3 - short stairs
Consists of three steps, 16 cm high, with height adjustable handrails.

L5 - long stairs
Consists of 5 steps, 9.5 cm height, with adjustable handrail height.

In combination with the main platform, a slope of 17° turns out, with adjustable height of the handrails.


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Technical specifications:

Height 800 + / - 200 mm
Distance 630 mm

Length 646 mm
Width 646 mm
Height 1395 mm

Stairs: L3 L5 LP
Length, mm  854 1608 1608
Width, mm 763 763 763
Step height, mm 147 98 -
Tread width, mm 271 320 -
Number of steps  3 5 ramp

Configurations L3+L5 in angular construction

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Configuration L3+L5 in linear construction

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Configurations: L3, L5, LP

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