Medical holding "Sintez-KZ" produces equipment for rehabilitation
If a person cannot be treated, it does not mean he cannot be helped!




The main advantage of the simulator is that it fully reproduces the process of walking even if the patient cannot move independently. The walk imitator develops a motor habit of keeping your feet properly. The structural elements move simultaneously, keeping the adynamic limbs in the correct position.
The principle of operation of the walk imitator is that the patient with both hands (or at least one) drives a mechanism that moves the lower limbs, simulating the process of walking.
If the patient's hands are also motionless or inactive, the mechanism can be set in motion by the medical staff or any accompanying person.
The result of training on the walk imitator will be a passive study of the muscles and joints of the legs, as well as training the muscles of the upper girdle, back and abdomen, the overall increase in tone.
The simulator is available in two versions: children (4-12 years) and adult.

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     Indications for use:

  • paresis or paralysis of the lower limbs;
  • hemiparesis, tri-and tetraparesis after injuries and diseases of the brain and spinal cord;
  • cerebral palsy and other motor disorders in children.